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Welcome to noXcuses…

noXcuses was created to support Brant’s mission to change the lives of others.

noXcuses started as Brant’s personal motto and has become a collective that wants to inspire and support you to get off your derriere and and try something that you have always wanted but always found an Xcuse not to.

Brant in particular knows how hard it can be to fail so he wants to help instil his unbreakable determination in others.

“Sports have been my passion since boyhood.  Hockey, soccer, basketball, swimming high-jump, even surfing – it never occurred to me that I couldn’t do what everyone else did.  Sure, there were ‘naysayers’, but their negativity only made me work harder; I learned, early on, the power of guts, positivity, and belief in oneself.”

Brant and all those who support him will be enforcing the message of believeing in yourself, meeting your challenges and goals and overcoming any challenges that might come your way despite your circumstances.